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Morning Power

Jtatu - Alhamisi | 07:00am - 10:00am


10:00am - 1:00pm | Jtatu - Alhamisi


21:00pm - 23:00pm | Jumapili

88.5MHz CGFM|Sauti yenye mamlaka- Follow us on Social Media

CG FM RADIO is the radio station that based in Tabora - Tanzania that targets all age groups. Due to its moral observation and ethical programs, CG FM radio continues to have a lot of audience which makes us the best on western zone...

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2014 Certificate of Appreciation from Regional Commission office due to the awareness done by the radio station to citizens to participate in governance issues.

To combat illiteracy and facilitating knowledge transfer through dissemination of various information and advocacy

To contribute to the Tanzanian community by helping the ignorant and poor tzns in having access to information and supplement gvt 'efforts to alleviete poverty

Birthday – 4 August
Program- Chanzo cha Hatari, Habari ,Twenda Kanisani
Hobbies –Music,Television

Birthday – 1 November
Program- Mirindimo ya Pwani, Habari
Hobbies –Travel, Movie

Birthday – 30 may
Program- Mseto Leo,Habari,Mazingira,Sauti za Watoto
Hobbies –Travel, Sports, Game, Movie.

Birthday – 5 June
Program- Magic Style, Weekend Take
Hobbies –Music and Movie

Birthday – 26 june
Program- Dj Choice,michezo
Hobbies –Sports,Music.Television.